Artistic expressions as conflicts resolution process: A study of selected works



art, conflict, conflicts music, peace, peace-building, poetry, resolution


Conflicts occur within and between nations, societies, and individuals—and for this reason; conflicts resolution also thrives on artistic expressions and cultural productions which are also found in societies. This essay examines the role of artistic expressions in conflicts resolution and significantly views it as a process. This is because while works of art may not immediately instil peace, they have the propensity to initiate conversations, actions, and re-actions which could eventually lead to peace-building. In this essay, artistic expressions are limited to poetry and music and focuses on excerpts from the poetry of Ben Okri, Uche Peter Umez, Audre Lorde, and the musical works of Nigerian All Star Ensemble, The Beatles, and Todd Rundgren whose artistic works have direct thematic relevance to this discourse.


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