The challenges encountered by the novice secondary school teachers in Philippines: A basis for mentoring


  • Virgilio Valdez Gutad National High School, Secondary School in the Division of Pampanga, Philippines
  • Noel L. Dominado Don Honorio Ventura State University, Philippines


challenges encountered, mentoring, novice secondary school teacher


This study was conducted to establish a potential association of challenges encountered and demographic profiles of the novice secondary school teachers. To accomplish the reason for the study the descriptive-correlation research design was used. The outcome of the study revealed that the demographic profile of the teachers-respondents revealed that the majority of 45.5% or 5 of the respondents were between the ages 23-29 years of age, 63.6%  or 7 of the teachers-respondents were females; 81.8%  or 9 of the teachers-respondents had educational attainment which is disseminated along the diverse field of specialization;  Mathematics, Accountancy, Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health, Computer Science, Nursing, Filipino, Agriculture, English; 54.5% or 6 had been serving for one to two years; and 72.7% or 8 of the teachers-respondents had a net pay of 22, 000 – 26,000, When it comes to the challenges encountered by novice teachers planning the lesson grand mean of 2.51 which means they were developing; Implementing the lesson grand mean was 2.49 with the descriptive rating of proficiency; assessment of learning grand mean of 2.25 with a descriptive rating of proficiency, and there is a significant relationship between the demographic profile and challenges encountered by novice teachers.


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