Aims and Scope


Research Journal in Advanced Sciences publishes peer-reviewed research in all areas of the biological, physical, chemical, computational and molecular sciences. It encourages interdisciplinary research, fosters an environment for cross disciplinary research connections and also accepts a range of article types including reviews, short communications and replication studies. Through open access publishing, our aim is to bring research and knowledge to the widest possible audience.  

Research Journal in Advanced Sciences’s expert international editorial board take an objective and constructive approach to peer review, assessing papers on their scientific soundness and validity. The journal accepts all research outcomes, both positive and negative. Article-level metrics allow the research to be assessed on its own merit.



-Biochemistry & Structural Biology

-Biotechnology, Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

-Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology

-Evolutionary Biology & Molecular Ecology

-Genetics & Genomics


-Microbiology, Parasitology & Virology


-Plant Sciences





-Analytical Chemistry

-Inorganic Chemistry

-Materials Chemistry

-Medicinal Chemistry

-Organic Chemistry

-Physical Chemistry

-Theoretical & Computational Chemistry


-Astronomy & Astrophysics

-Atomic & Molecular Physics


-Condensed Matter Physics

-Interdisciplinary Physics

-Materials Science

-Mathematical & Computational Physics

-Medical Physics

-Nuclear Physics

-Optics & Photonics

-Particle Physics



-Interdisciplinary studies


-Public health


Publishing with us means you will receive fast and reliable publishing and a global platform for your research to reach its full potential. Below are our objectives: 

  • To offer a straightforward and friendly publishing service
  • To promote immediate, free access to your article for anyone anywhere in the world
  • To offer rigorous peer review featuring constructive dialogue with experts
  • To offer rapid, honest and quality publication on a modern and user friendly platform
  • To offer innovative article-level performance metrics such as number of downloads, views and citations count.
  • To offer global marketing and high production values
  • To offer extensive indexing and archiving of your work
  • To allow author hold and retain full copyright of their works