The attitude of college students towards premarital sex: Implication for guidance and counseling in Nakuru County, Kenya


  • Janerose Mulamba Mayabi Department of Psychology Guidance and Counselling Education Foundation, Laikipia University, Kenya


attitude, counselling, guidance, premarital sex, students


In many African countries, discussing sexuality still remains a taboo, despite the increasing number of sexual activities among college students. The study sought to find out college students’ attitude towards premarital sex and the implication of guidance and counselling.  It was guided by the social learning theory. Using a descriptive survey design   data was collected through personally delivered questionnaire to 452 students who were randomly selected from middle level colleges in Nakuru County. The questionnaire was validated through piloting in one college outside Nakuru.  Reliability coefficient for questionnaire was estimated through test-retest method and Cronbach’s alpha stood at R=84.  Data was analyzed using qualitative and quantitative data.  Study findings indicate that 258 or 57% of the respondents were liberal about premarital sex and viewed it as a normal act that should not attract criticism. A total of 194 or 43% were conservative and believed that it is against the norms of society and the teachings of the church.  Factors associated with premarital sex, include love, peer pressure, drug abuse and economic factors.  Counselling was seen as the best strategic to handle sex issues, but was not effective due to stigma associated with premarital sex. The study recommended the college administrators step up strategies to supervise both the social and academic life of the students. By providing them with information, to make informed consent on sexual matters.

Author Biography

  • Janerose Mulamba Mayabi, Department of Psychology Guidance and Counselling Education Foundation, Laikipia University, Kenya

    Dr Janerose Mulamba Mayabi is a lecturer of Guidance and Counseling at Laikipia University, Kenya. She   heads the Secretariat of  Laikipia University  Institutional Sscientific Ethics Review Ccommittee  (ISERC). She received her PhD in Education Guidance and Counselling from Kabarak University, Kenya, Masters of Education Guidance and Counselling from Egerton University, Kenya, Bachelors of Education from Kenyatta University, Kenya. A licensed counsellor and member of Kenya Guidance and Counselling and Psychological Association and Bioethics Society of Kenya.  Her main interest is in adolescent sexuality and  life skills Education. Has experience in research of over twenty years.


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