Exploring Research Findings on the Conflicts in Jos-Nigeria




The threats of violent conflict has become a global concern. Jos has experienced an inundation of sporadic violent conflicts from 2001 to date. The paper explores the assumption of Boal’s Forum Theatre Technique in Forum Theatre as appropriate instrument of transformation and change. The paper adopted a case paper design to explore new ways of repositioning the practice of Forum Theatre. This paper involved Focus group discussion (FGD) groups, structure, semi structured interviews (SSIs), questionnaire administration, participation observation approach were employed to access forum theatre methodology as medium for change. Conflict transformation goes beyond the idea of conflict resolution. Violent conflict is referred to any attempt as positively changing the parties against conflict, in improving their relationship and addressing the underlying structural and systemic causes of the conflict. Findings revealed that the conflicts in Jos are struggle over political, social, economic, religious and ethnic, with great effects on residential, worship places, intergroup relationships leading in new trends of community polarities. This paper found out that peacebuilding, public enlightenment, advocacies, addressing segregated settlement are possible solutions. The paper draws and concludes specific recommendation towards its transformation and change.


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Nyam, E. A. (2017). Exploring Research Findings on the Conflicts in Jos-Nigeria. Nairobi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(2). https://doi.org/10.58256/njhs.v1i2.375