The Clash of Titans—Tradition Versus Modernity: A Review of Ongogo Evelyne's Dichol and Other Poems



marginal, dominant


Conflict between marginal and dominant cultures is typical of cosmopolitan communities the world over. Although traditional African communities were dominantly homogeneous, the advent of colonialism precipitated cultural mix between Western and African ways of life. The awareness of differences between the two cultures brought tensions which are the major concern of post-colonialism. Ashcroft B. (1995) et al defines it as a theory that studies the cultural, intellectual realities and tensions that occurred in many nations from the beginning of colonial contact” (p.1). It emerged when the colonized started to reflect and express tension which followed after disruption by the mixture of imperial culture and native ways. This disruption continues after colonialism through urbanization, information technology and formal education. This paper examines the clash of African and Western culture in Ongogo Evelyne’s Dichol and Other Poems. Using the postcolonial theory, the author reviews Ongogo’s poetry analysing elements of resistance against domination by western culture. The ideas of Frantz Fanon will form a theoretical basis of interpretation.


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